Central Post

We have accumulated and uploaded most of the PC Posts. Published in folded newspaper format with a page size of 11 x 17, we have made the local decision to carefully slice each page horizontally. You will find the content and readability nearly unaffected. Most of the content is fluffy PR stuff, but there are some gems about new equipment, routes, and customers and we are doing our best to provide the highlights of each issue.


Introduction Letter from Management
March 1 1968 Inaugural Issue Cover: A New Emblem for A New Railroad; PENN CENTRAL BORN 12:01pm Feb 1 1968; Color is GREEN; Management Team; Labor Issues
March 15 1968 Cover: Stanley Yard; Buffalo, Westinghouse Generator Load, Inside the Bright New Penn Station, Flag Raising PC Colors at NYC Headquarters.
April 1 1968, missing (if it even exists?)
April 15 1968 Cover: Charleston? Can-Can?; Empire Trains Rebuild, Surplus Sleeper to US Army, 190ft Heat Exchanger Load.
May 1968 Cover: Signing of Cleveland; First PC Dividend; Cleveland Consolidates in; Ashtabula Coal Terminal
June 1 1968 Cover: Pride; Piggyback Service Naming Contest, First Annual Meeting, New Rule Book for PC aka “Rules for Conducting Transportation”
July 1968 Cover: Biggest Project; Good Eating in Parlor Car, Hollidaysburg PA Car Plant, Trash Service, Washington Station,
Selkirk yard is PC’s Biggest Project, Selkirk NY scale model of new shop.
August 1968 Cover: A Famous Loco Gets Its Stack Back; Reuben Wells steam loco, Strates Shows Carnival Train, Moviemaking “Call Us Penn Central”, Equal Opportunity.
September 1968 Cover: What’s He Doing In the Air?; Special PC Hotel Rates, PRR/NYC Silverplate Sale, Cat’s Whiskers Clearance Car
October 1968 Cover: Scholarship Girl; TOFC “Trailvan”
November 1968 Cover: Barbra Streisand; NY Postal Fire, Passenger Service Update, Safety
December 1968 Cover: Holiday Greetings (Log Car); Steer Palaces; Refurbishing Cabin Cars; 100 MPH Commuters; 1969 Auto Trade; Careers; Ladies; New Train NFE2 Buffalo-Enola; Nixon Presidential Special