Freight Car Standards A wealth of interesting information including detailed meanings of reporting marks used on the PC and beyond
1969 PC Car Renumbering List showing all PRR roster units to PC, presented below in five parts:

PC Brake and Train Air Instructions March 1969
PC Hand Brakes Guide is a how to with photos manual
Op manual: Metroliner updating program
Pamphlet on new commuter cars for Metro region
SEE ALSO THE PC PAINT SHOP TAB for extensive diagrams and paint schemes

PC Special Instructions for Operating Signals and Interlockings CT405
PC Position Light Signals An intro level coursebook series
PC Position Light Signal (Book Two) More signals descriptions and coursework
PC Color Light Signals (Book Three) Even more signals descriptions and coursework

Altoona Shops brochure
Altoona maps
Through Freight Schedules
Serving Yard Directory
Buckeye Yard Operating Practices

PC Operations Maps: Chief Engineer June 1975 is a complete detailed system map book. PC Trailvan Sales Manual Tons of Trailvan info, two photos, equipment diagram PC Employees Guide to Perlman Yard Selkirk NY Wonderful map.

Perlman Yard Brochure is a working description of Perlman Yard, Selkirk, NY
Perlman Yard Launch PR Brochure A glossy overview of the new large yard, so retro now that it’s an extremely cool read.
PC Eastern Region Info Booklet good info about PA area operations
Eastern Region Reportable Locations
Empty Gen Service Car Routing Guide Very detailed information on empty car movement guidelines for equipment heading to foreign roads
Western Region Reportable Locations
Western Routing Guide 179 page document also contains much info about place names and routings for tariff purposes
Northeast Region Car Guide Very detailed instructions for specific cars, owners and marks as to handling